Critical Care Nursing is an important part of Nursing with a focus of complete care of the patients. Journal of Intensive and Critical Care Nursing is a newly launched Open access, Peer-reviewed scientific journal which will be dedicated to promote the scientific community dealing with utmost care of critically ill patients in the area of Critical Care Nursing, Intensive Care Medicine, Emergency and Critical Care.


Critical care: The specialized care of patients whose conditions are life-threatening and who require comprehensive care and constant monitoring, usually in intensive care units. Also known as intensive care.

Increase the number of ICU beds and prepare the wards to provide non-invasive ventilation: once the epidemic starts, patients requiring respiratory support increase exponentially. Organize a shared dataset of patients with non-invasive ventilation in the wards and a daily round by an intensivist, to early identify the failing patients. Most of the patients respond to positive end-expiratory pressure: prefer helmet to mask for a continuous positive airway pressure trial to set moderate-high positive end-expiratory pressure (> 8 cmH2O), improve patient’s tolerance to prolong non-invasive support and prevent droplets’ spread.


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